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Cambridge United Fans Verdict: Groundhog Day

How the fans reacted to a familiar story away from home.

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Well, we’ve seen that show before, haven’t we?

An away game where the match was there for the taking, crying out for us to grab it and take all three points, missing chances, before conceding late on and ending up losing. We saw it at Port Vale, we saw it at Exeter City and we saw it again on Monday evening.

It’s going to take time for this crop of very young players to adapt to Ruben Selles’ style of play, and in the meantime we’re going to have evenings like Monday. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Here’s how the fans reacted...

More away woes

Monday’s defeat means we now haven’t won away from home in nearly 300 days. The last came just before the World Cup at Hull City.

You can’t lie any of the blame from last season on Selles and this group of players, but it’s still a horrendously painful statistic. Fans pay a lot of money to travel up and down the country and it’s almost like we’ve got a curse on us at the moment.

Monday’s showing and result was by no means a new experience for the Loyal Royals...

Ruben Selles

There has been nothing but praise for Selles from the Reading fans so far, but Monday night was the first time I’ve seen some question him.

Most weren’t happy with the decision to bench Kelvin Ehibhatiomhan, and some are starting to question the 4-2-2-2 formation. For what it’s worth, Ruben is going to stick with that formation. He’s integrating an identity and a way of playing - he’s not going to chop and change the formation.

There were also a lot of fans who leapt to the manager’s defence amongst the criticism...

Have a little patience

As football fans, it’s so easy to let the emotions of a bad result or a bad performance take hold. It’s heightened for us because we’ve been so bloody awful for so long. However, as mentioned previously, Selles cannot be blamed for anything that came before him.

We want things to change and we want them to change quickly, but that’s not likely going to be the case. Mark Bowen and co are in the process of completely changing the culture of a club - it’ll take time.

It was reassuring to see fans take stock and recognise this after the game. It doesn’t make the defeat hurt any less, or the quell any frustrations, but it’s important to recognise.


It’s a horrible defeat. A really disjointed, sloppy performance, and once we go a goal down we just lose our heads and there is no chance of us ever getting back into a game. My 100-mile drive home was certainly a bit of a depressing one.

However, we need to give this team and this manager time. It’s frustrating and I hate to break it to you: there will be more games like Monday’s, but we have to trust in Bowen and Selles.