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Brighton & Hove Albion U21s Fans Verdict: An Embarrassing Cup Exit

How the fans reacted to yet another bad day in Reading’s season.

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After what has been a pretty successful festive period - going unbeaten and managing to climb out of the relegation zone before last weekend’s results - the last few days have been a bit of a reality check.

First, the redundancies of Andrew Sparks and Eddie Niedzwiecki brought to light the horrible situation our club is in off the pitch yet again. Then, as just mentioned, we moved back into the relegation zone, and now we’ve just witnessed one of the lowest points of the season so far: a penalty shootout loss to Brighton’s under-21s.

Let’s be clear: this is a game we should have won comfortably, but we hardly got out of neutral, let alone first gear, and deserved what we got.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the result and the performance...

An embarrassing defeat

Let’s call a spade a spade: it’s a really embarrassing defeat. Not just the result (the team Ruben Selles put out should’ve easily beat Brighton’s youngsters), but the manner in which we lost was extremely disappointing.

We didn’t play well at all, and I don’t like accusing players of complacency or a lack of professionalism, but the way in which we lost has led a lot of fans to that conclusion...

A missed opportunity

One of the main reasons Tuesday’s result disapointed the fans so much is that the Deep Pan Meat Feast Pizza With Stuffed Crust Cup was a genuine opportunity for us to have some relative success this season.

Of course it wouldn’t have cured all, or any for that matter, of our problems - but if there’s a fanbase that deserves a trip to Wembley or something to be proud of, it’s us. But no, the players made sure that wasn’t going to be the case in an-all-too familiar style.

Now all focus is on trying to stay on League One, but the fans really wanted that trip to Wembley...


Another damning day in our season. This club has a horrible knack of nipping any kind of reason to be optimistic in the bud and bringing you crashing straight back down to earth.

I guess we have to try and look on the bright side, and at least we can now put our full focus into trying to stay in League One which, as much as a trip out to Wembley would’ve been nice, is and always has been our number one priority this season.