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Wigan Athletic Fans Verdict: A Drab, Dull, Dismal Defeat

How the fans reacted to a poor game of football and a damaging defeat.

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Well, that was thoroughly depressing, wasn’t it? I’m on not just on about Reading’s performance. Let’s be honest it was a really poor game of football with no to little quality shown by either team - apart from the goal that ultimately won it for the hosts.

Looking at Reading specifically, it was pretty toothless. We hardly laid a glove on Wigan, despite dominating the ball for the majority of the game. We lacked creativity and guile, and couldn’t find any real quality.

So, all in all, it didn't really do much to make the fans feel any better about the sorry state of affairs we’re in. Here’s how they reacted to the game...

Nelson Abbey

Despite the rumour that Abbey had turned down a move to Luton Town last week, we probably all knew this was coming deep down. Firstly, Abbey wasn’t in the matchday squad, and then his departure was all but confirmed by Ruben Selles after the game.

This one really stings. He’s been our player of the season and one of the very few bright sparks in an otherwise horrendously bad season. And now he’s off, and the fans are pretty distraught about it...

A toothless performance

Honestly I’m still adamant that the game finished 0-0 - it was honestly that bad a watch. But we need to do better, we really do. That game was there for the taking and we just didn’t have the quality or knowhow to do so.

The second half was pretty much one-way traffic. We saw huge amounts of the ball, but just couldn’t find that moment of quality in the final third to get the goal - which is really frustrating.

The fans were not happy with what they saw...


I don’t think there’s a huge amount more to say about Saturday really - it’s one of those games you just want to put behind you and forget about as quickly as possible.

We weren’t horrendously bad, we bossed large parts of the game, but just didn’t have the quality to turn that into a goal or a result. The most frustrating part is Wigan really weren’t that good either - so the game was there for us to take all three points.