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Charlton Athletic Fans Verdict: Feel Good Factor Continues

How the fans reacted to another really important win, this time at home to Charlton.

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All you have to do to understand how much this team has improved in recent times is this: compare the performance from the game against Charlton Athletic earlier in the season to the one on Saturday afternoon.

The team that lost 4-0 at The Valley was one devoid of any confidence or quality, who could hardly score a goal let alone win a game. This team now is one full of confidence, and one that knows how to get results.

It was another really, really big win - in a run of games that you feel could define our season. Here’s how the fans reacted...

Another huge win

I really don’t want to get ahead of myself, because we’ve had false dawns like this before, but this team are really starting to look like they’ve turned a corner.

There was only really one team that every looked like winning on Saturday, and it wasn't the visitors.

It’s now one loss in 12 games, and we’re finally starting to turn draws into wins. The fans are excited with what they’re seeing...

Femi Azeez

Azeez had a pretty tough first few months of the season, like most of his team mates to be fair. But he probably became a bit of a scapegoat, as some players just have to knack of doing unfortunately.

But now there is no debating his importance to this team. He’s a match-winner at this level, the kind of player who can pop up with a moments of quality that other players can’t. He may still be frustrating at times, but Saturday shows it was vital we kept hold of him in January.

The fans certainly love him after Saturday’s performance...

Amadou Mbengue

He’s been a fans’ favourite since he walked through the door really, but in the last few games it’s gone to another level.

I have to say I was a bit nervous when Ruben Selles decided to play Mbengue alongside Tyler Bindon in a back four when Tom Holmes got injured, but it’s worked an absolute treat.

Not only has he been really impressive defensively, his long throws have also caused havoc, with our last three goals now all coming from them. Another really strong showing had the fans purring after the game...


It’s probably the most optimistic I’ve been about Reading in a very, very long time. That doesn’t mean I’m adamant we’re going to stay up and everything is going to be okay, far from it.

But it’s just so nice and reassuring to have a team that a) genuinely cares, b) are starting to show some kind of identity tactically and c) know how to get results.