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Oxford United Fans Verdict: Royals Rescue A Point

How the fans reacted to a well earned point in the Thames Valley Derby.

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Well this was the big one - the one we’d all been waiting for. There were nerves and excitement in equal measure from the Loyal Royals in the run-up to Saturday, but most of all just sheer hope that we wouldn’t lose.

And we didn’t. It was another really hard-earned point. I know we aren’t going to stay in the league with just draws, and we need to start converting some into wins soon. However, it shows how far we’ve come in a short amount of time, considering how easy we were to beat earlier in the season.

Here’s what the fans had to say after our biggest game of the season...

A hard team to beat

Look, we all wanted a win. There would’ve been nothing sweeter than taking all three points back to Berkshire, but the most important thing is we didn’t lose and managed to fight back to earn a point.

The one thing the fans wanted to see in this game, more than anything else, was a fighting performance and 100% effort - and they got that.

The fans were certainly happy with the result, another that showed how we’ve become a much more difficult team to beat in recent weeks...

Impact subs

Ruben Selles has got a fair few substitutions wrong this season, but he got them absolutely spot on against Oxford.

The introduction of Clinton Mola, Charlie Savage and, in particular, Kelvin Ehibhatiomhan really changed the game for us. They came on at a time when the players were looking a little leggy and it appeared any kind of result was escaping us.

But they brought energy and quality that ended up earning us a point. Ehibhatiomhan in particular was really impressive and a real threat down the left-hand side.

Here's how the fans reacted to the three subs’ performances...


Not the win we were all craving, but definitely a point gained rather than two lost. We’re a difficult team to beat now, which is a really nice thing to be able to say considering how soft and flaky we were earlier in the season.

Now we just need to start converting some of these draws into wins and we should (emphasis on the should) be okay.

Fingers crossed we’ll have two more games and this lot to look forward to next season. URZ.