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Stevenage Fans Verdict: A Royal Battle, A Monumental Victory

How the fans reacted to one of Reading’s biggest and best wins of the season.

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Oh, that feels good. The performance, the grit, the fight and the commitment shown by every single player to make sure we got all three points on Tuesday were simply superb.

In those conditions, against a team renowned for their direct style of play, and who are in the playoffs, you can’t emphasise enough what a brilliant win that is.

The kind of win that just breeds confidence and a feel-good factor throughout the whole club. From staff, to players, to fans. Here’s how the Loyal Royals reacted...

A massive win

Every single player to a man played their part. Yes we survived some hairy moments, but I don’t think you can say we didn’t deserve all three points.

Steve Evans said we celebrated beating ‘little Stevenage’ as if we’d won the World Cup. Well, I hate to break it to you Steve but the full-time celebrations had nothing to do with beating Stevenage.

We’re a club on death’s door, but these players showed they’re not going to go down without one hell of a fight. That’s why the full-time scenes were what they were. And the fans loved it...

Out the relegation zone

Look, we’re not out the woods, not by any stretch of the imagination, but looking at the table and seeing us out of the relegation zone is such a good feeling.

And it’s not like we’ve fluked our way there either. There has been a serious marked improvement in our performances and results in recent times, and we look like a team with confidence now. Most importantly, we look like a team that knows how to get results.

The fans certainly noticed the win moving us up out of the drop zone...

Ruben Selles

Where do I start with this bloke? Honestly, I haven’t wanted a Reading manager to succeed as much as this in a very, very long time.

The first half of the season was dreadful - we all know that. Because of that, for a lot of fans, the jury is still out on Selles in regards to him being a long-term solution for us, and I guess that’s fair.

But you cannot understate how well he has done in the last few months. In the midst of everything that’s going on, the shambles he’s had to put up with from above him, he’s started to create a proper team, a team who can compete and get results against anyone in this division. My admiration for him is unwavering, and he’s starting to get back on the good side of the fans too...


Probably our biggest win of the season. Not in terms of margin obviously, but in terms of how much it means. To be honest, every win from here on in will be our biggest yet.

I don’t know if we’ll stay in the league or not, but what I do know - or at least very much hope - is that we now have a team who will fight for everything and won’t turn over and get their tummy tickled. This team is made of sterner stuff than it was a few months ago.