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A place for those articles that don't really have a home!

Reading 2-0 Colchester United: Made-Up Player Reviews

What may or may not have happened in Reading’s first pre-season friendly of the summer.

EXCLUSIVE: Dai Yongge To Make Personal Appearance In Barnsley Away End

Reading’s shy owner looks set to finally step into the limelight.

The Reading Team That ‘Could’ Have Been

Imagine if the Royals had never lost any of their best players who are still playing. How would that Reading side line up today? Louis Roberts takes a look.

On The Road Again: The Return Of The Away Day Buzz

For the first time since March 2020, Reading had an away day - and away goals - to enjoy.

Reasons To Be (Sort Of) Cheerful

Keep the faith!

Grading Reading’s Post-Premier League Managers

Ben uses some ‘scientific analysis’ to assess Reading’s recent managers - plus their attire.

Reading Unveil Great Home Kit, Decent Away Kit

Let’s not dwell on the goalie kit though.

Mark Bowen: The Scorch Trials

Calum unpacks the situation that Mark Bowen and Reading are in... with the help of The Maze Runner film franchise.

How Reading’s Season Might Have Played Out: Part Four

It all boils down to this: a final-day Mad Stad showdown against Swansea City.

How Reading’s Season Might Have Played Out: Part Three

Can the Royals, in Ben’s Covid-less alternate season, continue their charge towards the top six?

Random Royal Moments: When Reading Had A Sub Sent Off

Despite not playing in the 2011 playoff final, Jay Tabb managed to make an impact anyway.

How Reading’s Season Might Have Played Out: Part Two

What would have happened if the Royals’ games against Luton, Huddersfield and Charlton had gone ahead?

Random Royal Moments: That Song

You’ll Never Walk Alone has competition!

Random Royal Moments: Pudding The Pitch Invader

A memorable moment from a memorable night.

Random Royal Moments: That Ghost Goal At Vicarage Road

In the latest installment of our look back at bizarre Reading moments, Matt recalls a famous non-goal against Watford.

Random Royal Moments: Kingsley Sees Red!

Once again the mascot causes trouble!

How Reading’s Season Might Have Played Out: Part One

By now, Reading should have played Stoke City, Derby County and Brentford - so what would have happened if they did?

Royal Books To Ease Football Withdrawal

Reading FC book suggestions for your upcoming summer getaway.

Danzell Gravenberch Is Looking For A New Club On LinkedIn

It turns out that Danzell’s a bit of a trailblazer.

How Reading Can Replace Andy Rinomhota

A few ideas that Jose Gomes should bear in mind.

The Love Is Starting To Return

Jose Gomes is changing the mood at the Mad Stad.

Reading Have No Wingers Left

Literally none at all.

April Fool’s: Reading & QPR To Fight For Right To Wear Hoops

This long running saga has taken an unlikely turn.

Can You Name Which Countries These Reading Players Represented?

Quite a few Caribbean Islands included...

Will Reading FC Swoop For Manchester United’s James Wilson?

Probably not, no. Update: he was a target before.

Jaap Stam Linked To That Job That's Now Vacant

Reports suggest another club might want Jaap Stam as manager, or might not, who knows?

Wear Orange To Burton Away This Sunday!

Show Jaap and his compatriots some love after a superb season.

Is Top Level European Club Football Boring?

The Premier League may be competitive but in most of Europe top level leagues are a boring procession.

QUIZ: Can You Name Every Reading Player To Have Featured In The Championship Since The Start Of The 2013-14 Season?

It's time to rack your brains.

Watching Reading’s Scottish Doppelgängers

Ever wanted to recreate the Elm Park experience? Jon Keen has found the closest thing you'll find and the home team wears blue and white hoops.

9 Things You Could Buy Instead Of An Un-Subsidised Manchester United Ticket

£45 for an un-subsidised ticket to Old Trafford? Do you really want to be spending your hard-earned cash on that?

The Sounds Of Reading Fandom

Music has that magical ability to take you back to moments from the past, so what tunes create the most nostalgia with your Reading fandom?