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Middlesbrough v Reading: Player Ratings

urz1871 gives his player ratings from our dismal 3-0 defeat at The Riverside, while you have your chance to vote for your player of the match.

Ben Hoskins

Alex McCarthy: 5

Looked unusually nervous and well below his normally high standards, fumbling a few saves in the first half. Did make a very good save low at his near post right at the end.

Chris Gunter: 6

Made a few promising runs early on, and slotted in well as centre-back after Gorkss's dismissal, looking far more comfortable with the ball at his feet than Gorkss ever did.

Kaspars Gorkss: 3

Looked out of his depth when facing fast, mobile attackers, and committed silly fouls that ultimately killed off any chance of a second-half recovery.

Alex Pearce: 5

Not as authoritative as he often is, and suffered the same lack of mobility as Gorkss, bug without being as big a liability.

Shaun Cummings: 6

Looked OK when attacking, but never really looked comfortable in defence.

Danny Guthrie: 4

Very poor. Numerous sloppy mistakes and poor delivery of set pieces as well as always seeming to take the easy option rather than do something a bit different or creative.

Danny Williams: 8

Reading's best player today and the one bright spot. Played with a much-needed passion and authority but was in a minority.

Garath McCleary: 7

Some decent attacking runs and did well enough when filling in at right-back, but without making a noticeable impression on the game.

Jobi McAnuff: 5

90 minutes of wholehearted effort, but (much as it pains me to write it) very little effectiveness. Poor crossing and wasted a glorious chance, whilst covering nearly every blade of grass on the pitch

Billy Sharp: 7

Had very little of the ball but looked class whenever he was in possession. Sadly never had the ball in any positions where he had a sniff of goal, though.

Pavel Pogrebnyak: 5

Did well enough as a midfield ball-winner but as a strike threat, was virtually non-existent. Rarely in the box or in dangerous positions and when he was he was, Pog was consistently out-jumped or out-paced by the Boro defenders.


Nick Blackman: 5

He was on for just 20 minutes and is obviously desperate to prove himself, but under today's circumstances was only able to make one good attacking run, very late in the game.

Stephen Kelly: N/A

On for too short a time to make any impact.