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Huddersfield Town 3-0 Reading FC: Player Ratings

While the result was disappointing up at the John Smith's Stadium, did any player come out of Tuesday's defeat with their reputation enhanced? Euan runs through his player ratings and invites you to vote for your player of the match.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Adam Federici: 5

Harsh, but he was at fault for the second, and in my opinion the third goals. Also almost gifted Huddersfield a goal just before half time. Need him to rediscover his form and quickly.

Stephen Kelly: 5

Was considering a 4, but really he wasn't worse than any of the other defenders. Poor going forward, left exposed at times in the second half as Reading pushed more men forward. A very tough night for him.

Alex Pearce: 5

A captains performance this was not. No doubting his passion, but it was lost under his lack of confidence and belief in himself. Panicked too easily, could have done better for all 3 goals really.

Michael Hector: 5

As with Pearce, he didn't suddenly become a bad player, but his confidence that forms such a key part of his game was just completely gone last night. On a good day he would have been in a better position for the third goal.

Jordan Obita: 6

Marginally better than the rest of the defence. Can't remember too many individual mistakes, which I suppose means he has to be a contender for MOTM. One of the only players who tried to make something happen towards the end of the game.

Hope Akpan: 5

Not at fault necessarily for any of the goals, but didn't do his job (to stop Huddersfield breaking at speed) at all in the second half. Showed some neat touches and had a header very well saved, which is why his mark isn't lower.

Oliver Norwood: 6

Didn't give the ball away much, and had a better game than Guthrie. On the other hand, hardly any penetration to his passing. His audacious 50 yard lob which almost worked moves him up a mark.

Danny Guthrie: 5

Poor. Hard to see what he offers the team when his passing is as bland and aimless as this. Can't remember a single penetrating pass or run of any purpose. Possibly his last start for the club?

Jake Taylor: 5

Can't mark him any higher or lower than the rest, because I can't remember any positive or negative at all. 1 header from a corner, that's it. He's not a long term solution out wide. He might not be a long term solution anywhere for Reading unfortunately.

Garath McCleary: 5

Clearly nowhere near at his best, not sure playing behind the striker suited him. Clarke has every right to be disappointed by McCleary in this form, given that he was arguably our best player last year.

Yakubu: 4

Wasn't much worse than anyone else, but it's hard to give a striker anywhere near a good mark when he has no shots on target, and no key moments in the penalty area at all. In fairness to the Yak, he went unfed all evening. Will do better when given proper support.


Nick Blackman: 5

An immediate improvement on Guthrie, but coming on at 2-0 down and receiving no good service made it hard for him.

Jamie Mackie: 4

Created nothing, lost the ball repeatedly and looked very sluggish indeed. Even the usual high intensity wasn't evident. Very poor indeed.

Hal Robson-Kanu: 5

Unfortunately by the time he'd come on and got into his stride the game was over. Didn't do any better or worse than any of the other attacking players, but at least showed a bit of desire.


Who was your man of the match? Vote in our poll at the bottom of the page, and leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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