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Reading Approval Ratings

Our monthly look at how the Reading FC fanbase are rating the job done by boss Steve Clarke or by the ownership at the club.

Veljko Paunovic And Owners Record Their Lowest Ever Approval Ratings

It has been a difficult few months on and off the pitch in Berkshire.

Rate Pauno And Reading’s Owners: September 2021

Have your say on those calling the shots at Reading.

Approval Ratings For Veljko Paunovic And Owners Down, But Still Pretty Good

A drop-off for manager and owners after Reading’s poor late-season form was to be expected.

Rate Veljko Paunovic And The Owners: May 2021

How well are Reading’s manager and owners doing? Have your say in the poll at the bottom.

Pauno Gets Highest Approval Rating Ever, Big Improvement For Dais

Paunovic outdid Stam’s record from 2017, and although the owners’ score has improved significantly from last time, there’s a long way for them to go.

Manager/Owner Approval Rating: February 2021

Your chance to grade the performance of the manager and owners in our latest approval rating.

Veljko Paunovic Gets Second-Highest TTE Approval Rating

He was edged out by Jaap Stam’s score from the summer of 2017.

Grade Veljko Paunovic’s Start As Reading Manager

What do you make of the start he’s made in Berkshire?

Grade Mark Bowen’s Performance For The Last Time As Reading Boss

He was replaced by Veljko Paunovic on Saturday morning.

Confidence In Mark Bowen And Owners Falls In Latest TTE Approval Rating

Not great scores for the manager or owners, but not terrible either.

Reading Owner Approval Rating: July 2020

The last few months have been eventful off the pitch at Reading, so how well do you think the owners have handled the problems they’ve faced?

Rate The Job Mark Bowen Is Doing As Manager: July 2020

Have your say on the Welshman’s performance.

Rate The Job Reading’s Owners Are Doing: March 2020

How well are Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Li doing as club owners? Vote in the poll at the bottom.

Fans Overwhelmingly Back Owners After Bowen Start And Gomes Sacking

You scored Dai Yonnge and Dai Xiu Li higher than ever before.

Bowen Wins Fans’ Approval With Early Form After Controversial Appointment

Three wins out of four have erased any questions - for now

Owner Approval Rating: November 2019

We want to know how well you think the Dais are performing as club owners.

Mark Bowen Approval Rating: November 2019

We want to know how good a job you think the new gaffer’s doing.

Big Drop For Jose Gomes In Final Approval Rating

You gave Gomes his lowest score as Reading boss, but still a decent grade in contrast to his predecessors.

Jose Gomes Final Approval Rating: October 2019

How good or bad a job was he doing in the weeks before his dismissal?

Slight Drop For Jose Gomes’ Approval Rating

You graded the manager a little lower than in May, but still gave him a solid number.

Highest Ever Approval Rating For Reading Owners

The Dais have smashed the record they set a few months ago.

Jose Gomes Approval Rating: August 2019

The coach has his team set for the season, but is he doing a good job?

Rate The Owners: August 2019

We want to know what you think of the Dai siblings.

Highest Ever Score For Owners In Approval Rating

You seem to be very happy with the job they’re doing in charge of the club.

Jose Gomes Takes Highest Approval Rating Since Summer 2017

You’ve given him a huge vote of confidence in our latest approval rating series.

Owner Approval Rating: June 2019

We’re checking in on how you think the Dais are doing.

Grade Jose Gomes’ Time As Manager

We want to know how you rate Gomes’ impact at the Madejski Stadium so far.

Reading Fans Happy With The Club’s Owners

You've given the Chinese owners a solid grade in our latest approval rating.

TTE Survey Results: Fans Buy Into Gomes

Our latest approval ratings comes out in the new boss’ favour

Rate Jose Gomes’ Performance So Far

Have your say in our latest approval ratings.

How Good A Job Are Reading’s Owners Doing?

What do you think of the job done by the Dai siblings?

Low Scores For Paul Clement In TTE Approval Rating

You told us the manager’s time at the club should be up.


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