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The Royal State Of Affairs: The Verdict

Throughout the past fortnight we've been looking position-by-position at how Reading FC stand heading into the summer. Now we look at how you viewed each position for Steve Clarke.

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With only Stuart Moore on the books as a recognised goalkeeper with senior experience, it was unsurprising to see 92% of you feel this is an area of very high importance for Reading boss Steve Clarke this summer.

To the 2% of you who voted this very low, it's nice to know you read the site Stuart, Mr Moore and Mrs Moore.....


With Chris Gunter and Jordan Obita both under contract for next season, few of you believed this was much of a priority for Nick Hammond and Co. 72% of you felt this was an area that was medium to very low priority this summer, with just 8% of voters ranking this as very high.

Central Defence

Alex Pearce's departure has left a void that folks aren't happy to let Jake Cooper fill on his own just yet. 49% of you said this was a very high area of importance for Clarke during the transfer window, despite news of Anton Ferdinand's summer MLS training.

Central Midfield

A harder one for fans to vote on because of Jem Karacan's uncertain future but as things stand this was a position that few felt needed major work. 71% of you voted medium to very low on the priority scale but Steve Clarke looks to be bolstering the position with the acquisition of Hull midfielder Stephen Quinn.


Like the middle of the park, fans felt there was little need for a major renovation of the wing. 41% of you felt this was a medium priority, 24% said low while just 20% rated this one as high. That could change if Hal Robson-Kanu gets sold but in the mean time you're fairly happy with what we've got.


A whopping 85% of you said this was an area of very high importancefor the club this summer, a number unsurprising given last year's struggles in front of goal. Outside of goalkeeper this was the biggest area you felt needed work this summer.


So based on the number of very high to high votes here's the order of importance you felt the squad needed work on this summer.

1. Goalkeeper (97% High or above)

2. Forward (97% High or above)

3. Central Defence (83% High or above)

4. Central Midfield (29% High or above)

5 . Wingers & Full-Backs (Both 28% High or above)