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Build The Perfect Reading FC Footballer - Legs

We've got the feet sorted but whose legs will help carry our Reading FC Frankenstein footballer to glory?

Warren Little/Getty Images

TIn last week's vote we asked you to pick whose right foot you'd want on our perfect Reading footballer. Here's how you voted.


Now let's see whose lovely legs gets added to our list.

Jimmy Kebe

TTE Assistant Editor Royal Hoops

They moved so, so fast. Sure, he was like Bambi on ice at times but that was part of the thrill with ol' Jimmy. And he has to pull his socks up something.

TTE Assistant Editor Bucks Royal

Frighteningly rapid pace, he could outrun pretty much anyone.

TTE Editor Wimb

As mentioned by Hoops, sometimes they made him look like Bambi on ice, but when he was in full flight he was one of the most entertaining players we've ever had.

Dave Kitson

TTE Assistant Editor ThatMarcMayo

They were about seven feet long!

Andy Legg

TTE Assistant Editor WilliamOwain

Need I say any more? He also wins the unasked who has the best arms down to his world record holding throw-ins.

Shane Long

TTE Assistant Editor Olly Allen

One word: RAPID.

Garath McCleary

TTE Writer Becka White

On his day he's completely unplayable, sprinting at and away from the opposite and his work rate is unfaultable. His legs (on a good day) would make up my perfect Reading footballer.

Dave Shipperley

TTE Podcast Co-Host Tony 'Wimb Snr' Wimbush

You could cut them off and plant them as a tree trunk!

Steve Sidwell

TTE Podcast Co-Host Dave 'Handbags' Harris

Perfect footballer legs - slender but strong.


That does it for this week, give us your vote below and let us know anyone we've missed in the comments section.

Results so far

Left Foot: Ian Harte
Right Foot: Gylfi Sigurdsson