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Build The Perfect Reading FC Footballer: Torso

Our Reading FC Frankenstein is slowly taking shape, with three votes done we move on to whose Royal torso would fit the perfect footballer.

In last week's poll we gave you the chance to vote for the legs in our perfect Reading FC footballer, here's how you voted.

Legs Poll

Today it's torso time, so whose frame is in the frame according to our panel?

Andre Bikey

TTE Writer Becka White

It was annoying at the time, but the whole get-sent-off-throw-shirt-on-floor routine against Burnley in pretty comical now. That was a torso of anger and passion and something the perfect Reading player could benefit from.

Royston Drenthe

TTE Assistant Editor Royal Hoops

I'm sorry. I know. We shouldn't really mention his name but he was built like a brick dunghouse (family friendly) and his torso looked like it could repel bullets.

Danzell Gravenberch

TTE Assistant Editor Olly Allen

We've barely seen him play since he signed in the summer, but you can tell from the stands that Danzell Gravenberch is an absolute unit as he warms up. Could easily be mistaken for Adebayo Akinfenwa, but Gravenberch is a ‘Beast' in his own right.

Gary Heale

TTE Podcast Co-Host Tony 'Wimb Snr' Wimbush

Gary Heale. Loved taking his shirt off and pose with his model wife!

Mathieu Manset

TTE Assistant Editor Bucks Royal

His touch was often poor, and his finishing erratic, but you couldn't bundle him off the ball. Real shame that he couldn't make more of huge physical power.

Jimmy Quinn

TTE Podcast Co-Host Dave 'Handbags' Harris

Big, tall, built like a tank, nobody could muscle Quinny off the ball.

Jason Roberts

TTE Assistant Editor WilliamOwain

Strong, powerful and surprisingly quick for a player coming to the end of his career. In some ways the club has never recovered since his injury ended his career. Some fans' belittling of his injury and criticism of him for being out was a disgrace.

TTE Editor Wimb

Have to go with Will here, I can't remember a player whose transformed a Reading team in the way Roberts has.

Ibrahima Sonko

TTE Assistant Editor ThatMarcMayo

The noise of Premier League mainstays bouncing off the big centre-back still reverberates around the Mad Stad today.

Results so far:

Left Foot: Ian Harte
Right Foot: Gylfi Sigurdsson
Legs: Jimmy Kebe