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Build The Perfect Reading FC Footballer: Lungs

We've got a heart for our perfect Reading footballer but whose lungs are going to power us through 90 minutes each week?

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Last time out we asked you to vote for a heart for our Reading Frankenstein monster, here's how you voted.

*Special mention to Graeme Murty, who wasn't put forward by our nominees panel but was voted for by several fans on Twitter.

Now it's time to vote for whose lungs fill the chest of our ultimate Reading footballer.

James Harper

TTE Assistant Editor WilliamOwain

Incredible stamina to such an extent that he seemed to get quicker as the game went on.

Andy Hughes

TTE Podcast Co-Host Dave 'Handbags' Harris

Duracell bunny - the pace at which he played the game was phenomenal.

Mick Gooding

TTE Podcast Co-Host Tony 'Wimb Snr' Wimbush

Should have been a long distance runner and gave everything.

Chris Gunter

TTE Assistant Editor Bucks Royal

Say what you like about the Welshman, but his stamina is phenomenal. He won't ever run out of energy, and always keeps going through the full 90.

TTE Assistant Editor Olly Allen

The Welshman's stamina is quite simply incredible. Last season he made 66 appearances for club and country and showed no signs of stopping or slowing down. He's a figure that divides many Reading fans, but there's few players you can rely on more than Gunter.

TTE Writer Becka White

The man has got some serious fitness! Being a constant feature for both Reading and Wales for a number of years, the perfect Reading player would have to have his stamina.

Jem Karacan

TTE Editor Wimb

All action, never stopped running and always gave you 100%.

Alex Pearce

TTE Assistant Editor ThatMarcMayo

Alex Pearce. Even at the back of the East Stand, I could hear him barking orders.

Jay Tabb

TTE Assistant Editor Royal Hoops

Did he ever stop running? Whatever he lacked in technique or quality, he made up for with his tireless workrate and unfathomably high stamina.


Results so far

Left Foot: Ian Harte

Right Foot: Gylfi Sigurdsson

Legs: Jimmy Kebe

Torso: Ibrahima Sonko

Heart: Phil Parkinson