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Build The Perfect Reading FC Footballer: Head

We've got feet, legs, a body, heart and lungs, but our penultimate task is to pick a head for our Reading FC Frankenstein.

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Last week we asked whose lungs would make it into our perfect Reading footballer. Here's how you voted.

Congratulations to Chris Gunter, whose lovely lungs have made the cut. Now let's move on and pick the head of our pefect footballer.

Just as a note, the final vote will be for the brain, so this is purely on the power and skill with the head, rather than the brain power.

Andy Hughes

TTE Assistant Editor ThatMarcMayo

A rogue choice, but the man quite often popped up with a vital headed goal from time to time, as I remember it at least...

Stephen Hunt

TTE Assistant Editor Royal Hoops

For no other reason than the fact his hair came from his head. And you can't forget the hair.

Ivar Ingimarsson

TTE Writer Becka White

The Icelandic centre back was so commanding and strong in the air. He even played most of a game against Manchester City with concussion after scoring the winning header at the Madejski.

Trevor Morley

TTE Podcast Co-Host Dave 'Handbags' Harris

The best "pound for pound" header of a ball I've seen at the club.

Jimmy Quinn

TTE Assistant Editor WilliamOwain

Simple. As the commentators always used to say, "Quinn can head the ball harder than some footballers can kick it."

TTE Editor Wimb

Trevor Morley comes close but I can't look past the mighty Quinn.

Alex Pearce

TTE Assistant Editor Bucks Royal

Always a threat from set pieces, heading with power and accuracy.

Pavel Pogrebnyak

TTE Assistant Editor Olly Allen

I wanted to get the Pog in somehow, and this seemed the most logical option. Despite the fact I can't remember that many headed goals the 6ft 2in striker actually scored...

Pat Terry

TTE Podcast Co-Host Tony 'Wimb Snr' Wimbush

Along with Quinn, he stands out as having the best headers I've ever seen.


Results so far
Left Foot: Ian Harte
Right Foot: Gylfi Sigurdsson
Legs: Jimmy Kebe
Torso: Ibrahima Sonko
Heart: Phil Parkinson
Lungs: Chris Gunter