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Reading FC Team Of 2005/06 What Happened Next: An Introduction

Ever wondered what happened to members of Reading's record breaking side of 2005/06, well wonder no further...

Julian Finney/Getty Images

In a strange sort of way, the 2005/06 season was one of the worst things to happen to Reading FC.

Bear with me here.

It's just that that year was so extraordinary, so ‘freak of nature', that it set expectations to a level that we've inevitably never been able to live up to since.

Why can't we go another 33 games unbeaten? Why can't you build another title winning squad from lower league freebies and Brentford rejects? Why hasn't our latest £1 million striker scored 20 league goals this season - don't you know that you can buy one from the League of Ireland for £70k...and they'll throw in a second future international forward too?

But who am I kidding. Just like you, I wouldn't trade the memories of 2005/06 for anything. No matter how many proceeding years of frustrating there have been.

It really was ridiculous at times. Turning up to games not wondering whether we'll win, but speculating over how many we'll win by. Traditional tricky away trips were brushed aside with ease. We've never had so many round pegs in round holes. And if that round peg was injured, then there'd be another more than capable round peg to fill his space.

A decade on, and those memories are more valuable than ever. It's nice to know that in the not-too-distant-past, it was possible to come away from the Madejski Stadium feeling positive. The sun did used to shine. And with a bit of luck, it can do so again.

So when the guys at the Tilehurst End asked me to start a series on the players of that 2005/06 team, I jumped at the chance. Not only is almost every man in that squad looked on with fondness, they all have pretty interesting stories to tell. Chances are you'll have them engrained in your memory as much as me anyway, but until you put them all together it's hard to realise just how phenomenal the make up of this team was.

Journeymen, lower league cloggers and unproven youngsters came together to create something extraordinary. And as another frustrating season comes to a close, it's time to cheer up and take a trip down memory lane...